The Smart and Connected Data Project Advisory Board

Under the leadership of an advisory team made up of technology and community partners from Cisco, Bell Aliant, T4G, the University of New Brunswick, the City of Saint John, EY, Innovatia and Mariner Partners, the Saint John region is poised to become a national leader in data analytics. It is the power of collaboration across all parts of our community that will generate the real value. Now is the time to leverage data and connected technology to empower our community and stimulate the economy.

Innovation through Advanced Data Analytics

The Smart and Connected Data Project, spearheaded by Enterprise Saint John, is building a technological sandbox innovators and researchers can use to combine and analyze public and private data to solve community and industry challenges.

Advanced data analytics will be a tool regional companies can use to develop data-driven solutions that can be exported around the world. Funding and in-kind contributions for this project are provided by multiple partners including ACOA & the Province of New Brunswick.

The Saint John Community Data Repository

Our sandbox is a cloud-based data repository, allowing business and community clients to share anonymized and aggregated datasets that can be available for use in a variety of projects. Clients will be able to combine datasets from multiple sources to gain deeper insights.

Example: one component of the data repository will be data captured by the Pattern of Life project, which has seen pedestrian counter beacons installed around Saint John’s urban core. The counters gather Bluetooth and wireless antenna data from mobile devices, allowing visualization of pedestrian movement patterns in real time. Other data analytics project examples are captured on our projects page.

This project will improve the business landscape in the Saint John region by:

  • helping organizations understand that data is an asset
  • creating a culture of experimentation and evaluation
  • increasing data access
  • enhancing decision making
  • attracting new partners
  • accelerating growth

Next steps

Economic Development Greater Saint John is identifying 7-8 proof of concept projects that will allow companies and organizations to leverage data and connected technology to solve community and industry problems. These projects will be supported by the Smart and Connected Data Project team and will receive some investment from the project.

Two projects will be launched in support of the region’s tourism sector, and the remaining five will be selected from the local community. Priority will be placed on projects designed to solve a problem and produce export-oriented products or services.

We will also continue to add data sets to the community data repository and create opportunities for companies and organizations to share their data challenges, and for innovators and researchers to solve those challenges using data and connected technology.

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