How $25,000 can solve problems in our community

In May, we went looking for organizations and innovators interested in solving business and community problems using data and connected technologies.

In launching the Smart and Connected Innovation Challenge, our goal was to provide financial and structural support to develop and implement proof-of-concept projects to address these challenges.

We were thrilled with the response to the competition and are currently working with several finalists to ensure their projects have the right resources and plan in place to drive results. We plan to announce the successful participants by the end of the summer.

There were two main themes of the proposed proof-of-concept projects. The first was to build solutions that make lives better for people.  The second was to collect and analyze data that will allow for better decision making and increased efficiencies.

All communities have problems they struggle to solve. Business and organizations also have challenges they can’t address through traditional solutions. These problems are rarely unique to one company, organization or community, so once solved, the solution has value beyond its intended application.

Enterprise Saint John, as an economic development agency, believes that by providing organizations, entrepreneurs and innovators with access to the resources required to solve problems using data and connected technology, and we will develop new data-driven solutions to export around the world.

The Smart and Connected Community Data Project is supporting companies and organizations in harnessing the power of data to drive new business value and solve problems.  It is also encouraging entrepreneurs and innovators to look at new ways of using data and connected technology to solve important business and community problems.

Stay tuned to this page to find out which projects have been selected to receive funding in this round.  We are very excited to see them progress to launch.  We are also looking forward to round two of the innovation challenge.  Do you have an idea for a project that would be a fit for our program?

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