Infrastructure Data

TitleDecember 31, 1899Sourcefile typehtml - linkkey word
Building_FootprintsApril 26,, footprints, infrastructure
Bus_RoutesApril 26,, bus, routes, bus routes
But_StopsApril 26,, bus stops, bus, stops
City_StructureApril 26,, city, structure, city structure
Civic_AddressesApril 26,, civic address, civic, address
Flood_Risk_AreasApril 26,, flooding, flood risk, flood risk areas
Parking_MetersApril 26,, parking, parking meters, meters
Parking_SpacesApril 26,, parking spaces, parking, spaces
SidewalksApril 26,, sidewalks
Street_CentrelinesApril 26,, street, centrelines
ZoningApril 26,, zones, zoning
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