Innovation Challenge – Food Bank Management Solution

Food insecurity is a pervasive problem around the world and in our very own communities.  Food banks are an important asset in the fight against food insecurity as they are on the front line of this challenge every day.

Understanding more about those that use the services of food banks, and those who support them, will help food banks be more responsive to the needs of a community.  Building tools that will allow food banks to better manage their resources will also permit better alignment of offerings to needs at a local level.

The team behind this initiative, led by a group of UNB researchers, plans to build a platform that will collect food bank data and also enable food banks to better manage their resources, in order to tune and enhance services for the community.  In time, they plan to export this solution to other communities allowing for assessment both at a local level, and between communities.

For more information about this project please contact Milad Pirayegar Emrouzeh at

Stay tuned to this site for more updates as the project progresses.

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