Innovation Challenge – Saint John Energy Solar Energy Performance Analytics Project

Saint John Energy is always on the lookout for how to reliably, efficiently and effectively provide energy to its customers. Today, integration of renewable sources into the energy mix has become viable. Saint John Energy is working to determine how renewables could play a role for Saint John.

This project will make use of solar generation panels that Saint John Energy installed at its headquarters in Saint John as part of its solar pilot project. The goal of the project is to correlate potential solar energy performance with a number of other measurable and trackable data sources including the historical demand profile, weather patterns and forecasts, geography in the Saint John area.

The project will collect data and uncover patterns in that data. This analysis will help Saint John Energy decide whether solar energy is viable for the utility and how it could best be used to manage peak demand for energy in the future.

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Stay tuned to this site for more update as the project progresses.

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