InteliSys to upgrade their ameliaRES airline system

As part of the Smart and Connected Innovation Challenge, InteliSys will upgrade their ameliaRES airline system to provide additional customized communication options for passengers around the globe. InteliSys is pursuing this challenge to provide even greater value to their partner airlines, through the ability to better understand their passenger’s unique preferences and further customize passenger experiences aboard their planes.

Headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick, InteliSys Aviation partners with airlines around the world. Since 1987, InteliSys has provided airlines with customized, secure, and scalable software solutions with its signature products: the ameliaRES Passenger Service System (PSS) and the ameliaCARGO Cargo Management System. With InteliSys’ ameliaRES and ameliaCARGO software, millions of passengers and tonnes of cargo are moved every year by more than 45 partner airlines across six continents.

InteliSys’ ameliaRES impacts every point of the passenger’s experience with an airline throughout their travel journey. From discovering the airline online, to booking travel, to customizing their experience with personal preferences, to time spent at the airport, to a safe flying experience, all the way to arrival at their end destination and beyond; ameliaRES is there every step of the way.

The airlines that InteliSys partners with operate in an incredibly competitive space. InteliSys is constantly looking for ways to help airlines stand out from their competition and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. The InteliSys team believes that the best way to do this is to provide exemplary passenger experiences for each passenger that flies with their airline.

As part of the Smart and Connected Innovation Challenge, InteliSys will undertake a project to help airlines evolve with their passengers’ communication preferences and tendencies. This project will also begin to lay the foundation to enable a better understanding of these customer preferences and trends to make better passenger predictions to ensure airlines are providing customized experiences that meet or exceed travelers’ expectations. In return increasing the lifetime value of each passenger that flies with their airline.


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