My unique way into the data admin world

I still can hear my Mums voice in my head, “Raja, don’t study Biology study something with a future and a good job outlook, like something in IT”. Of course, as a teenager, I did the opposite of what my parents told me.

Therefore, I did my BSc in Biology with a focus on the marine environment. When I graduated I came up with the crazy idea to move into a country that has a lot of ocean not like Germany. And so, I moved to Canada 8 years ago.

At the age of 24 and all kind of “I am going to change the world” ideologies, I started my PhD in Marine Biology at the University of New Brunswick. At the beginning of my studies, I thought I am going to spend all day outside playing in the sand and figuring out how the world works. Instead, I ended up in my office on my laptop modeling data and discovering cool data trends. I never thought I would enjoy this part of this job the most and over the years I actually favored playing with data over playing in the sand.

As every other student, I worked all kind of odd jobs unrelated to my PhD to finance my life. One of my jobs involved working with special needs people and helping them settle into their new jobs as a job coach and that’s how my journey with the Connected Community Data Project started.

While I was working in the lobby at 40 king street helping my client feeling comfortable with his new role when I started talking to the Connected Community Data Project team.

It was very interesting to hear what visions they had for the project and I could see myself taking on the role and challenge of the Data Governance Manager for the project.

Coming from the field of science and data analytics the learning curve was very steep and sometimes frustrating and therefore every little milestone even if it was just as small as “yes, the data finally get copied into the right folder” was followed by a happy dance on my desk!

I am looking forward to many more happy dances while continuing my journey with the Connected Community Data Project.

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