Productivity in Atlantic Canada’s original tech neighbourhood

USTATION is a member-based productivity company with its’ inaugural location in the heart of Uptown Saint John. 3000 square feet of beautifully designed and decorated space, it has amazing views of both the undisturbed heritage streetscape of Prince William Street and the eastern seaboard’s most dynamic harbourfront on the Bay of Fundy.

The origin of the name USTATION has roots in Saint John’s own original Union Station, which has important historic significance to our community and the brand we have started here. First, Union Stations were the original “shared space” and hub of commercial activity; one of the first models in which multiple businesses and competitors worked side by side under one roof. Second, for any city that had a Union Station, it was a sign of prosperity and, third, Union Stations were always “grand”, beautiful, and of architectural significance. All these characteristics are essential to the USTATION recipe. And, finally, the “U” or “You” in USTATION puts our focus is on the needs of individual members in the centre of our brand.

Being a productivity company, we want to make our members productive everywhere, in fully equipped ustations, in private spaces that we provide our members access to, and soon on the go with our Public uPods. uPods are a self-contained mini office, which is loaded with technology to make members productive in and around them.

Members can enjoy the same level of WiFi dependability, security and speed near a uPod as they do in a full ustation and when they need to take private audio or video calls or need to login to change that client spreadsheet or tweak that proposal or presentation, they will have access to a full-size screen, keyboard and desk space.

We plan to deploy Public uPods as part of the smart and connected city program from EDGSJ by the start of 2020.  This will allow us to capture the necessary data to understand better how mobile professionals get to work on the move.  The uPods and uPod WiFi will be fully functional, and bookable by the public as well as Ustation Members.  Once we understand these patterns, we can improve elements such as location, surrounding amenities, uPod functionality and capacity.  This data will also help inform planners on how to develop and evolve public spaces to be more effective for the ever-growing segment of professionals that work on the move.

USTATION is growing our network of spaces across, first, Atlantic Canada and then beyond, where our members will have access to all locations as part of their single membership. Our goal is to give our members a ‘home base’ of productivity wherever they choose to work where they can host clients, meet like-minded professionals, and get some serious work done.


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