Saint John Energy Solar Research Project Update

The Saint John Energy Solar Research project has begun.  The excitement at the first kick off meeting was evident as all the local project partners – Fundy Engineering, UNB, NextGen, Enterprise Saint John, and Saint John Energy gathered to discuss the project plan and schedule.

The Solar monitoring software has been collecting data since March 2018 from three different solar configurations, a fixed system, a single axis and a dual axis  system located at the Saint John Energy home office located in west Saint John.

To ensure the data being gathered will be a representation of the entire City, the project will also gather irradiance data from three other new locations within the City.  These final locations are still being determined by the team and scheduled to be installed by end of November early December. The irradiance meters are instruments that measure the solar output of the sun and are important in determining the variation in output of a solar array.

The data and performance analysis that is being completed by the project will determine all the viable options of solar within the unique Saint John environment.  The project will consist of the following scope and areas of investigation:

  • Degree of solar potential difference within Saint John (i.e. fog factor)
  • Solar potential in reducing peak demand
  • Optimal storage and solar combination
  • Predictability of solar generation potential relative to weather
  • Correlation of revenue grade solar monitors and panels
  • Accuracy of online solar data sources compared to actual

The fully operational solar panels at the SJE head office have generated 8.2 MWh during the 9 months of operation.

Stay tuned, the next project update team members will present some of the solar data analysis. For more info, see solar-brochure.

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