Tourism Forecasting – Can You Help?

I have built my career in the tourism sector and was thrilled to be chosen as the project lead for the Tourism silo within this project.  The project speaks to one of my passions, growth in our region, this time using technology and data as the drivers.   Like most of you, I am connected but I don’t really understand the inner workings of technology and data.   Sure, I know Google and Facebook know a lot about me (probably too much!) and that they use this data to gain my attention.   I know data is useful, technology is useful and together they are powerful.   To be honest though, when taking on this project I was intimated by the technical stuff (and I still am)!


The good news is – you don’t have to understand the technical stuff!  We are engaging innovators who will take our problems and determine if they can build a solution that uses data and connected technology.   So, really, all you need to know are the problems and the data you currently collect or could collect.


Thus the first step in the tourism silo was determining the common problems, i.e. how can we leverage the most operators with one solution.  Overwhelmingly, accurate forecasting was the most common problem tourism operators have. There are other common problems but for now, we are going to focus on this one.


I am really lucky to have a volunteer committee member who is very familiar with the tourism industry, technology, stats and the national playing field in this arena.  No one has a system that provides trends (forecast) using segmented historical data with confirmed future (usually group) business coupled with real time data (beacon data).  Our first proof of concept has been identified.   We can be change agents for the industry by working with an innovator to develop a system that can do this.


The scope of work has been defined and the request for proposals is being finalized.  Are you the right innovator?   Are you in the tourism industry* and want to participate?   Reach out and we can chat.


*Saint John region only to start but don’t worry we are thinking bigger as we build J




We will be change agents together



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