Enterprise Saint John is issuing a revised request for proposals for the delivery of a Regional Tourism Data Collection and Forecasting System.  The budget has increased because of expanded partnership funding. The selected innovator will work with Enterprise Saint John and tourism stakeholders to design, build, host, grow and manage a platform.

This will be an automated tourism sector data collection and processing system whereby participating tourism sector operators and regional tourism operators can:
1) securely submit, on a regular basis, their detailed data on visits, nights stayed, etc., as well as leads for new business, and
2) securely access consistent and comparable aggregate trending analytics.

This solution will address a challenge every tourism operator and agency is looking to address, the ability to forecast, accurately, demand and trends in the industry.

It is expected that he vendor selected will become a partner in the delivery of this solution locally, and to other jurisdictions, with revenue generated by the solution being shared among the partners involved in the solution.

On August 28, 2018 at 1:00 PM AST there will be a virtual meeting for potential bidders to ask questions about the project.  Anyone interested in participating is asked to contact Gail Bremner, Project Manager, at gail@bremnerandassociates.com to be included in the virtual meeting.

Responses Required: September 7, 3 PM AST

Decision rendered by: September 28, 2018

Submissions may be electronic in Microsoft Word format and sent to: gail@bremnerandassociates.com

Please follow this link to download the RFP.

Revised Tourism Forecasting Partner RFP

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