We have gathered tools, people and funding to make your data project possible

We, as citizens, communities, businesses, governments, and organizations are creating, and collecting, more data than we ever have in the past.  Brands such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google have been very successful at turning the data they collect into revenue.

You too can benefit from using data better!

We seek to bring the tools and techniques that allow these massive companies to thrive to smaller organizations and businesses within our own community.

As part of the Smart and Connected Data project, we have brought together the key elements that will allow us, as a community, to access these leading-edge tools.  By working with us, you will be able to better use your data and learn more about the technologies that will allow for the effective collection of that data.

Funding, partner, tools and data options

What we need now are projects!  This is where you come in

With all these pieces in place, we want to help you leverage data and connected technologies to

  1. Grow your business by uncovering new opportunities for growth and optimizations
  2. Test your idea for a new application or solution
  3. Improve your organization’s effectiveness by creating models that help drive better decision making
  4. Enhance collaboration with partners to drive innovation
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